Below are some of the testimonials that we receive from parents as well as children:

My son (pre-primary) and daughter (primary school) attended the “Bully Buster” programme during the December holiday. I decided to send them as I could already pick up that they might be exposed to forms of bullying at school and I wanted them to develop awareness and resilience. What an amazing experience for them, as well as for me as a parent! Even though still young, the level of engagement in the programme and understanding of the content was evident in the way they could report on what they have learned and experienced after every day, as well as in their behaviour. Not only did their awareness of others increase, they also became aware of how they treat others and how their actions could influence someone else. An added bonus was the way they also reflected on each other’s experience and the way that their emotional awareness and emotional language developed. It was also evident that Marelé and Natasja have an exceptional gift to engage with the children and present significant material in a fun, interesting way. I would recommend this program to every parent wanting to increase their child’s emotional awareness and resilience.

Monique Strauss, Mother & Occupational Therapist

Our son, Mark (7) attended the Bully Busters group programme in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed it. He is now able to identify, as well as verbalize bullying behaviour. Our son gained practical assertion skills during the groups and it gave his confidence a huge boost!

Lyndon & Perle du Plessis